Environmental Responsibility

We make it our priority to ensure that all Manekibook products measure up to the highest European standards in terms of both quality and ecological footprint of our production line. Leather is treated using the method of vegetable tanning, and since no chemical dyes or agents are used in the process, our production is highly environmentally friendly. Manekibook leather covers are hypoallergenic and completely biodegradable, and are therefore safe for both the consumer and the environment.

Non-oxidic Italian paper used in creation of Manekibook accessories retains its color for decades and is fully recyclable, as is the cardboard used in the products’ packaging. Other details are made of natural rubber and high-quality metals, all of which are one hundred per cent recyclable.

Ethical Responsibility

We place a high value on ethical responsibility when it comes to obtaining materials for our products. Manekibook only works with companies that are focused on humane treatment of animals. Our trusted, primary partners are located in France and Ireland, and further processing of raw materials is carried out in Italy.

Bearing in mind that leather is often seen as a waste product in manufacturing, it is our aim to give it a second life. We use leather to create long-lasting designer items which can serve generations to come.

Social Responsibility

One of our key focus points is social responsibility. Manekibook is dedicated to creating workplaces for, and socialising, people with disabilities.

We work with employment organizations for disabled people, and have created workplaces for blind specialists on our manufacturing line.