“We spent our early childhood in a snowy blinding desert where temperatures rarely rise above -40°C. We used to play with model airplanes, assembled by our father, day by day accompanied by the noise made by turbines of the steel birds, rising into the endless blue sky, and the smell of burnt aviation fuel in the frosty air. Spirit of freedom, beauty of the aviation world and people devoted to their dreams were around us from very childhood. We were born in a family of aviators”.

The aviator dynasty was founded by their grandfather, a military pilot, master of airsports, instructor and a great aviation enthusiast.

Father continued the dynasty and started his career as a pilot of Polar Civil Aviation on vast areas in the north of Yakutia (Sakha Republic). Mum of the brothers worked as an air-traffic controller in airport. And despite the fact that the brothers did not follow the footsteps of their grandfather and dad, Manekibook and its creations embrace a part of the aviation heritage.