Exploring the world is one of the best things you can do in life. If traveling is about destination, the true journey is about the way itself where one needs a partner to serve faithfully whether on the back, in a hand or deep in a pocket. Manekibook knows how to make a perfect companion for every day city dwell, short weekend abroad or lifelong journey. The brand creates a range of unique leather goods for those who enjoy life in the most intensive way looking for powerful insights and strong emotions.

Born in Ukraine in 2008 Manekibook is family-run company established by Oleg and Anton Duma. Being the descendants of aviator dynasty two brothers have passion for traveling. They are constantly in search of the perfect match between good-old-days elegance, Japanese minimalism and contemporary design. Combining the leather craft traditions, watchmaking expertise each project is collaboration with the best experts all over the world – from Italy and Switzerland to Tokyo and USA.  

The Duma Brothers